Foundation training

Top tips for new docs

We've pulled together all the things you need to help you in your first days, weeks and months as a new doctor.

Use our practical guidance, read real life stories and get top tips from doctors who have been there.

Top tips, guidance and practical advice for new docs

Starting your new post

Foundation year doctors often start new posts in August, with job rotations occurring all year around.

With this in mind, we've created a check list to point you in the right direction when starting a new post.

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Are you an FY2?

Preparing for your second year?

A lot of advice for FY1 doctors still applies in your second foundation year.

In addition, one of the biggest things looming on the horizon for FY2 doctors is the application process for specialty training posts.

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Get the skills

What to expect as a foundation doctor

At this stage in your training expectations are high, with increasing responsibility for acquiring the knowledge, skills and experience that will make you an effective doctor.

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