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Out of Programme

Guidance is currently being reviewed

This guidance is currently under review.

Please refer to the additional resource links below for up to date information.

Out of Programme opportunities

Have you identified a learning or development opportunity outside of your training programme that you would like to take up for six months, a year or longer? 

Do you need to take a career break to focus on domestic responsibilities or for other personal reasons? 

If so, the option of taking time 'out of programme' is available to you.


Tell me more about time Out of Programme

There are four types of OOP:

OOPT Out of Programme Experience for Training - has approval from the GMC and will contribute towards obtaining your CCT.
OOPE Out of Programme Experience for Clinical Experience - has not received approval from GMC for contribution towards a trainee's CCT.
OOPR Out of Programme Experience for Research - can be up to three years and can lead to a higher degree. For academic trainees, the time 'out of programme' for research purposes is essentially part of your training programme.
OOPC Out of Programme Experience for a career break - e.g. to work in industry, for domestic responsibilities or for ill health reasons.

Refer to the Gold Guide for full details on the rules and the process that most LETBs or Deaneries follow for undertaking time OOP 1.

You should also review your LETB and deanery website for guidance specific to your region.

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