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BMA Medical Book Awards

The BMA Medical Book Awards take place annually to recognise outstanding contributions to the medical literature.

Prizes are awarded in 21 categories, with an overall BMA Medical book of the year award made from the category winners.

Special prizes are awarded for the BMA Student Textbook award, the BMA Illustrated Book Award and the BMA Board of Science Award for the Public Understanding of Science. The Chair of the Board of Science also makes a Chair's Choice. These special prizes are chosen from all of the shortlisted books.

Our judging panel awards books for their applicability to audience, production quality and originality.

Entries for the 2014 awards have now closed.

The entries are currently being assessed and the shortlisted resources will be announced in late June 2014.

The BMA Book Awards will be held in the evening of Monday 22 September 2014.

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Last year’s awards ceremony was held on 17 September 2013 and it was a great success.

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Awards winners and prizes

BMA Medical Book of the Year 2013

Atlas of Epidemic Britain: A Twentieth Century Picture
Matthew Smallman-Raynor and Andrew Cliff
Published by the Oxford University Press (ISBN 9780199572922 £125)

It's a unique book suitable for a wide range of audiences.  

The reviewer

This book examines the epidemics that have occurred in Britain and includes over 300 new maps, charts and photographs which offer a unique analysis and insight into the ebb and flow of infection. Its reviewer praised it as ‘a unique book suitable for a wide range of audiences: informative, captivating and interesting.’

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, Director of Professional Activities: 'This is a wonderful book which presents complex information clearly and visually. It is a joy to use.'

Professor Smallman-Raynor is Professor of Geography at the University of Nottingham. Professor Cliff has been Professor of Theoretical Geography at the University of Cambridge since 1997 and Pro-Vice-Chancellor since 2004.


The BMA Illustrated Book Award

Grants atlas of anatomyGrant's Atlas of Anatomy
Edited by Anne Agur and Arthur Dalley 
Published by Lippincott Williams-Wilkins (ISBN 9781451110319 £45)

Its reviewer commented that 'this is a fantastic anatomy book which I consider a new leader in this field. The combination of images is varied and very effective. The use of realistic dissection illustrations, different radiological modalities, and colourful photographs, are a pedagogical success. The modernised version of this old classic has managed to progress further and at the current cost is a must-have reference book.'

Professor Agur is Professor of Anatomy at the University of Toronto. Professor Arthur Dalley is Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at Vanderbilt University.


The BMA Student Textbook award

Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy
Richard Tunstall and Nehal Shah 
Published by JP Medical (ISBN 9781907816178 £11.95)

Its reviewer praised 'its clear simple approach and diverse number of photographs, human life models with annotations drawn on them and radiographic images linking all the anatomy together with pathology.'

Richard Tunstall is Head of Clinical Anatomy and Imaging at Warwick Medical School and Director of Clinical Anatomy at West Midlands Surgical Training Centre.


The BMA Young Author’s Award

Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women’s Health on the Move Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women’s Health on the Move
Amie Clifford, Chris Yau and Claire Kelly
Published by CRC Press (ISBN 9781444145632 £19.99)

Its reviewer praised its 'clear practical messages in each chapter.'

Amie Clifford is a Foundation Year doctor at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. Claire Kelly is a Foundation Year doctor at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Chris Yau is a Foundation Year doctor at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton.


BMA Board of Science Award for the Public Understanding of Science

Internal Time: Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You're So Tired
Till Roenneberg
Published by Harvard University Press (ISBN 9780674065857 £19.95)

This award was established in 2006 in order to help further the educational objectives of the Board of Science. Internal Time combines storytelling with accessible science tutorials to explain how our internal clocks work.

It was praised by its reviewer as 'an excellently constructed and accessible read which reveals fascinating detail about our body clocks and internal time, using short anecdotes to explain scientific research and theory.

Professor Roenneberg is Head of Human Chronobiology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.


The BMA Board of Science Chair's Choice

The Little Girl in the Radiator: Mum, Alzheimer's and MeThe Little Girl in the Radiator: Mum, Alzheimer's and Me
Martin Slevin
Published by Monday Books (ISBN 9781906308438 £8.99)

This short book tells a man's struggle to care for his mother after her diagnosis with Alzheimer's Disease. It was praised by its reviewer as 'a great insight into a carer’s perspective.'

The author Martin Slevin commented: 'When my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and I was looking after her on my own there didn’t seem to be much help for people like me. There didn't seem to be any books that weren't text books. That's why I wrote The Little Girl in the Radiator. I wanted to help people in the same position and didn’t want them to feel that they were alone.

'The response to the book has been incredible and I never imagined it would lead to such a prestigious award. It's overwhelming. 'I'm absolutely delighted. I think my mum would have been very proud - and highly amused.'


Awards were also assigned to numerous books by category.

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