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Hospital's fortunes go full circle

The private company Circle promised huge savings and a new era when it took over the troubled Hinchingbrooke...

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RT @sam4wong: Can you keep to the clock without seeming rude? - via @TheBMA | @Archangelolill @kaffando @cpeedell @legalaware#NHS

27 Jan 2015 07:56 AM

RT @elsdraeger: I bet you thought that #breastfeeding would be acceptable at a breastfeeding conference? Well you can think again: http://t

26 Jan 2015 19:00 PM

RT @elsdraeger: As a doctor with 14 years' experience, as a relative, and as a patient, it is my #PublicDuty to campaign to protect our #NHS

26 Jan 2015 18:59 PM