Paul Flynn speaking at the consultants conference 2015

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Unity key to strong contract, says consultant leader

Consultants have been urged to stay united and focus against the 'very real' threat of negative changes to t...

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Let food be thy medicine - @NNEdPro wants the medical profession to incorporate nutrition into healthcare, here's how:

26 Mar 2015 17:12 PM

RT @hibasaleem: Calling all @icsmsu medics! The Reynolds is having a showdown! RSVP: #BMAhustings #Elections2015 #Hammersmith@TheBMA

26 Mar 2015 16:19 PM

RT @sam4wong: Doctors (@TheBMA) demand end to A&E game-playing | via @onmedicanews | @RCollEM @Archangelolill @drmarielouise#NHS

26 Mar 2015 15:53 PM