Cardiff specialty trainee 7 in anaesthesia James Farrant

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BMA Humanitarian Fund swells to £30,000

Doctors planning projects overseas can benefit from a share of a larger BMA funding pot this year.  The ...

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RT @GravestockGreen: Proud to add my voice to @TheBMA campaign to take NHS out of party-political pandering & into a clear, long term visio#NHS#NoMoreGames

17 Apr 2015 21:11 PM

RT @BackNoMoreGames: News that 1/3 of GPs are considering retirement, calls political pledges on GP recruitment into question

17 Apr 2015 19:03 PM

Watch @Jeremy_Hunt, @normanlamb, @UKIP’s Louise Bours + more in #GE2015’s #healthdebate on 21 April

17 Apr 2015 18:00 PM