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Appraisal compensation is your due

For locum GPs, funding responsibility in England clearly lies with PCTs.

Department of Health guidance (pdf) for England from 2004 refers to PCTs needing to agree ‘the precise details of payments to appraisers as well as those to locums in the case of their appraisee costs’.

It adds: ‘In doing so, PCTs should ensure that the appraisal contributions made are fair and equitable for all GPs.’

For those working sessionally, time is money, and compensation is necessary for time spent undertaking appraisal work that could be spent earning money in surgeries.

But there may be a number of locum GPs who do not realise this. Much more surprisingly, at least one PCT did not know it either.

One locum GP contacted the BMA after undergoing two appraisals without any funding or compensation for loss of earnings. She had seen some BMA guidance, and realised she was eligible, and we took up the case on her behalf.

The guidance was too clear for the PCT to argue with, although a successful outcome still took a degree of persistence and familiarity with PCT structures, as the case passed through the hands of several individuals and two committees.

It took four months from us being referred the case to having confirmation that the PCT would pay a nominal fee of £200 for locum GP appraisal from 2010 onwards.

There may well be other PCTs without reimbursement schemes, or which have them but locum GPs are not aware of them.

Salaried GPs also need to ensure that they are properly resourced to prepare for appraisals. In their case, general and personal medical services practices in England receive an element of funding from PCTs to cover costs.

Normally, salaried GPs should be allowed protected time to prepare for and undertake appraisal during their normal working hours. They should be able to discuss with their practice managers an appropriate amount of time. We estimate around two sessions is necessary.

However, if they are asked to undertake appraisal in their own time, then this is acceptable provided the salaried GP agrees, and they are adequately compensated. We recommend that the level of payment is agreed between the two parties in advance.

A properly conducted appraisal is important to doctors, and likely to be more so, given how it is likely to knit in with revalidation. No doctors should lose out financially for taking time to prepare and undertake them.

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  • Dr Girija

    18 December 2012

    After finishing my appraisal on 30th Aug 2012,when I requested invoice form for payment as usual I got email from appraisal co-ordinator mrs tweedie newham pct that no payment for locum g.p as there is no funding money.I have informed L.M.C and my appraiser and lots of exchange of email between lmc and appraisal lead but till .now no result.even though lmc agree that as per the rules I am eligible for payment this year pct refused to pay.I have cancelled my locum assignment to prepare for appraisal with financial loss.Being pensioner and working as locum g.p for my maintenance this is regrettable.unfortunately
    I am not bma member now to get help as I can not afford membership fees with few locum jobs.

  • dr.nagarajangirija

    25 December 2012

    kindly publish .my comment.
    I want every locum to know how we are treated by pct
    esp newham pct

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