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Contract negotiations have stalled

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Further developments are unfolding (July 2015) and we will continue to update the site with details.

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Consultant contracts information

Contract guidance for the nations

Nation specific information about model contracts, terms and conditions, and FAQs can be found via the links below.


Northern Ireland




Supporting contract guidance

The following contract related information applies to consultants in all nations.

Contract checking service

Job planning


Shift and resident working - guidance for consultants
This guidance gives advice on the contractual and pragmatic position when you or your employers propose that you work as a resident consultant, as well as model agreements.

Part-time and flexible working
How flexible working practices can be instigated by consultants.


Additional information

Applying for a consultant post (PDF 91K)
Why it is important to know and where to get support if you need it. Aimed principally at new consultants but useful for those changing jobs too.

Working as a locum consultant

Duty of care regarding test results

Dress code at work
An outline of your responsibilities regarding dress code policies to help reduce hospital infection rates.

Survey of the consultant contract in a changing NHS (August 2010) (PDF 869K)
This 2010 survey asked about established contractual and working arrangements and helped us to better understand the range of working arrangements that consultants currently experience and informed our evidence to the DDRB review.

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Consultants Committee

Consultants and specialists are represented by the BMA Consultants Committee (CC) and three national committees.

The committees represent all consultants, whether or not they are members of the BMA.

Learn more about the committee