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Please call an adviser on 0300 123 1233, use the online enquiry form or use our FREEPOST address below. 

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Get your contract checked

Photo of two women and one man looking at and discussing a contractGetting your contract checked can save you having to deal with problems in the future.

You can get your contract checked by our employment law experts before you sign it.

Our dedicated team of employment law experts will personally review your contract against the national models and return it back to you within 5 working days.

We will advise you of any issues you need to be aware of and we can provide additional support to get these resolved.

You can even use our FREEPOST address or our online form to send your contract to us, so you won't have to pay expensive postage.


Are you a final year medical student?

How much do you know about employment contracts?

Did you know we offer a FREE contract checking service for all BMA members? 

Are you certain you know all the facts about what should and should not be included?

If this is the first time you have to sign an employment contract, don't worry!

Our expert team can check your contract on your behalf within 5 working days. They will highlight any possible issues and offer advice on how to resolve them.

Use our FREEPOST address below or our online form and get your contract checked.


Are you a junior doctor?

It's vital at this stage of your career to ensure you are as prepared as you possibly can be for starting your first post. Checking your contract is especially important for new F1 doctors who will not be so familiar with NHS terms and conditions.

We know your free time is precious - you don't have to spend it agonising over the small print of your contract, every time you start a new post.

Use our FREEPOST address below or our online form and get your contract checked.

ArrowContract FAQS from junior doctors (PDF)


Are you further on in your career?

Our employment advisers can highlight the contract issues to consider and be aware of when applying for a new post.

They'll work with you to ensure you're in the strongest position to negotiate a fair and balanced contract.

Use our FREEPOST address below or our online form and get your contract checked.


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