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Job planning

What are job plans?

At a time when trusts are keen to assess the value of their workforce, it is important you understand how best to prepare for your job plan review.

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So to recap, job plans are an annual agreement between the employer and the doctor setting out:

  • What work you do for the trust
  • When that work is done
  • Where it is done
  • How much time you are expected to be available for work
  • What this work will deliver for the employer, employee and patients
  • What resources are necessary for the work to be achieved
  • What flexibility there is around the above.

Job planning is not just about agreeing a weekly timetable - it can be used to drive improvements in patient care.


The job planning process should be:

  • undertaken in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation
  • completed in good time
  • reflective of the professionalism of being a doctor
  • focused on measurable outcomes that benefit patients
  • consistent with the objectives of the NHS, the organisation, teams and individuals
  • clear about the supporting resources the trust will provide to ensure that objectives can be met
  • transparent, fair and honest
  • flexible and responsive to changing service needs during each job plan year
  • fully agreed and not imposed
  • focused on enhancing outcomes for patients whilst maintaining service efficiency
  • consistent with the principles set out in the Follett review, in the case of clinical academics

Don't put it off, sort out your academic job plan!

Dr David Strain takes you through how to plan a clinical academic job plan - what to do, what mistakes to avoid and how you can improve your working life through a well organised job plan.




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Useful resources

Examples of consultants' objectives (PDF)

Don't forget to view the checklist, diaries and model job plans on the right.

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