Juniors' contracts

Know your contract and your rights during the changeover period

Changeover can be a stressful time. Remember we're here to help.

Find out what you are entitled to and get some useful tips from colleagues who've been through it all before.

If you've got stories you think would help others, let us know

Any problems, call an adviser early on 0300 123 1233 to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.


But first....

Don't forget to change your place of work details on our system. We can't support you with relevant local updates and advice if you don't keep your details up to date!
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Check your contract and your payslip

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It's especially important for you to check your payslip when you start a new job. Slight changes can have big implications for you. And are you being paid correctly? Use our guidance to help check your payslip.

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Get the most from your induction

You should be paid for your time undergoing induction - make sure you are.
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Check out your on-call room and accommodation

You are entitled to access an on-call room if you are working on call overnight, and your employer must meet certain standards for facilities and accommodation. Use our resources to request access or changes. The accommodation toolkit includes template letters and forms for inspecting and reporting accommodation.
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Get help with immigration issues

If you have any immigration queries or concerns at change over time then don't forget we can advise you.
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Training and education

As a junior doctor, you should be training whilst you work. The BMA can help you make the most of training and support you in your career.
See how we can help in developing your career


Checklist when accepting a new job

Finally, review the checklist as well as all the detailed information on issues which may affect you during the changeover period, including how to understand your terms and conditions of contract and whether you need a CRB check.
Tips when accepting a new job

News on August changeover

Read our news stories on the August changeover period for junior doctors.

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