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Confidential, nationwide, non-stop advice and counselling for doctors and medical students.

Talk through any issues which may be worrying you in total privacy, confident that you are getting the best possible support.

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Support when you need it

Are you concerned about a colleague?

Many doctors find it hard to acknowledge their own health issues and put off seeking help.
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Reasonable adjustments

If you are a disabled student in medical training, find out what reasonable adjustments you can expect to assist you through your medical course and once you have qualified.
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'The first time I...'

Get real life advice on coping with the difficult situations you may encounter as a new or trainee doctor.
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Maintaining the Balance

2014 AMA CMA BMA International Conference on Physician Health

This year's conference was a great success.

Watch the webcasts of key sessions and get highlights from each day of the event.

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Dealing with discrimination

Dealing with discriminationDiscrimination can affect anyone.

Did you know that when it comes to the workplace there are policies to deal with patronising or humiliating comments, unwelcome physical contact, victimisation, bullying and more?

Whether you're being treated unfairly at work, or an employer who isn't clear what the policies are, we've developed a new resource to help.

What is discrimination?

Find out how one doctor coped with depression


I was a GP at the time and had been feeling increasingly stressed for the previous 12 months or so with consistently unpleasant and worrying physical symptoms.

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GMC investigation support

The GMC has commissioned us to run a pilot service for one year, offering support to doctors facing 'fitness to practice' cases.

Find out more about this free, confidential service.

Doctor support service

Doctors in difficulty

See a full list of organisations which offer help and advice for doctors in difficulty on issues such as:

Bullet pointAddiction
Bullet pointBereavement
Bullet pointStress

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Tools for change

Find links to websites with helpful tools, calculators and guides on issues such as:

Bullet pointDrug use
Bullet pointMental health conditions
Bullet pointHealth and fitness

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Are you at risk?

Don't let your health suffer while you look after other people.

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