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Language testing under review
The PLAB test is being reviewed and a new proposal for a single national licensing exam for all doctors practising in the UK has been announced by the GMC.
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New rules on English language testing from June
There are new rules for EU doctors about English language testing before they can be granted a license to practice, from 25 June. 
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The English test score for non-EU doctors is increasing from 18 June
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Changes to Tier 2 visas from 6 April 2014
The government has announced that it is changing the rules for Tier 2 visas for some applications made on or after 6 April.
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Sponsorship in Scotland
NHS Education for Scotland have announced changes to Tier 2 sponsorship in Scotland. The BMA believe this will be a real benefit to doctors in training in Scotland.
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Applying for specialty training?
Eligibility to apply for specialty training posts across the UK, could depend on certain immigration rules or status.
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Are you a graduate of a UK university?
Read advice on how the visa rules will affect you as you move from University, into the Foundation Programme and on to Specialty Training.
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Doctors on Tier 2 visas who want to volunteer to work abroad with Ebola victims
The Home Secretary has agreed to a BMA request to make concessions to the Immigration Rules, so that doctors on a Tier 2 visa will not be penalised if they travel abroad to help victims of Ebola.
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Essential UK immigration guide

Get a useful overview of the UK immigration system.

For the latest updates, always check with the UK Visas and Immigration (formerly the UK Border Agency) for further details.

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Top 5 immigration queries

Get the answers to our top 5 immigration queries:

1 - Switch from a Tier 4 to Tier 2 visa
2 - Tier 4 extensions
3 - Tier 2 cooling off period
4 - Family migration
5 - Tier 2 settlement

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Are you new to the UK?

This guide provides a basic introduction to how things work in the UK, for all doctors who are new to the UK.

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