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Merit award schemes for consultants

Check the information below about merit award schemes for NHS consultants, including details of value and applications:

ArrowThe Clinical Excellence Award scheme in England
ArrowCommitment awards for consultants in Wales
ArrowDistinction awards for consultants in Scotland
ArrowClinical Excellence Awards in Northern Ireland

Clinical Excellence Awards 2014 now open

The Clinical Excellence Awards round for 2014 is now open until Thursday 14 August 2014.

If you plan to submit an application for a higher award and would like to seek BMA support, please submit your electronic application for support
to us by Monday 14 July and we will consider it and offer a citation for selected applications.

Please note that the date and level of your last award is essential information and do remember to include a short paragraph (max 250 words) on the work you have done for the BMA.

In line with ACCEA's Guide for Nominators, the group will be looking for notable applications which are both of a high standard of clinical excellence and show notable contributions to BMA work.

All candidates should submit their application form to ACCEA as per the instructions in ACCEA’s Guide for Applicants. The ACCEA secretariat will confirm receipt of application. The onus will be on the applicant to chase up any application that has not received such a receipt.

Arrow Download the ACCEA's 2014 Guide for applicants

Arrow Download the ACCEA's Guide for nominators

Background to the CEA scheme

The Clinical Excellence Awards (CEA) scheme is intended to recognise and reward those consultants who contribute most towards the delivery of safe and high quality care to patients and to the continuous improvement of NHS services including those who do so through their contribution to academic medicine.

In particular, awards are made to consultants who: 

  • demonstrate sustained commitment to patient care and wellbeing or improving public health 
  • sustain high standards of both technical and clinical aspects of service while providing patient-focused care 
  • in their day-to-day practice demonstrate a sustained commitment to the values and goals of the NHS by participating actively in annual job planning, observing the private practice code of conduct and showing a commitment to achieving agreed service objectives 
  • through active participation in clinical governance contribute to continuous improvement in service organisation and delivery 
  • embrace the principles of evidence-based practice 
  • contribute to knowledge base through research and participate actively in research governance 
  • are recognised as excellent teachers and or trainers and or managers 
  • contribute to policy-making and planning in health and healthcare 
  • make an outstanding contribution to professional leadership.


Value of awards

Awards can be made for both local and national contributions to the NHS.  Employer-Based Awards Committees (EBAC) assess applications for the employer based awards (levels 1-9). Higher value national awards (9-12) are decided by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) and its subcommittees. A level 9 award may be awarded by either the EBAC or the ACCEA, depending on the type of achievement being recognised.

If you are applying for a national award you should consider carefully whether to submit the same form both locally and nationally. Sometimes forms that you have written in application for national recognition may not reflect appropriate local achievements and it can be difficult to comply appropriately with the rules excluding evidence that has been submitted for an earlier award.

When considering a national application, remember that although the national and local elements exist to recognise excellence, the national process operates to significantly different timescales and rules than does the local process.

Consultants with an existing distinction award or discretionary points keep them, subject to existing review provisions, and are eligible to apply for awards under the new scheme in the normal way. Awards are also pensionable. The value of distinction awards and discretionary points will continue to be uprated in line with the recommendations of the Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body.

If a CEA is made, that will subsume the value of any discretionary points or distinction awards already held by the consultant.

The application process normally operates towards the end of the year and is completed before April of the next year, the month in which payment of awards starts.

ArrowFurther information about the process can be found on the website.




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