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Private practice

Investigation into the market for privately funded healthcare services

We have sent evidence to the Competition Commission's investigation

Find out about the investigation

Private practice guides

Are you already working in private practice?

Find out more about maintaining a private practice plus read our additional guidance on CQC registration

Registering with the CQC and conditions for exemption

BUPA consultant recognition process - applicable from June 2010

Terms of Recognition as an Approved Specialist with AXA PPP Healthcare


Are you setting up in private practice?

Use our guide to setting up in private practice 

Read the Code of practice (PDF) for NHS consultants in England on recommended standards of conduct in relation to private practice.

Read Entering into a contract (PDF) for advice on what to consider before signing any written contract for the provision of services.


Help for SAS doctors and private practice

Can SAS doctors carry out private medical practice? Read our guidance which will take you through the process, pitfalls and opportunities of private practice.

Read our private practice guidance for SAS doctors


Help for Consultants in private practice

Read our guidance to help clarify the contract guidelines for consultants and private practice work, as well as additional information which you may find useful.

Private practice guidance for consultants in England

Undertaking private practice in Northern Ireland


Help for GPs in private practice

Read our guidance for GPs and private practice

Focus on...Private practice


Medical indemnity for NHS funded treatment in the independent sector

Read this guidance to help get clarification from the NHS litigation authority on the nature of the work covered by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts.

Medical indemnity for NHS funded treatment in the independent sector

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...services for private practices?

Are you looking to make changes within your partnership or merge with another practice locally?

Do you need to sell commercial property or draw up a lease agreement?

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