Working for change

Negotiating committees

Chaand Nagpaul ARM 2013BMA negotiating committees work tirelessly behind the scenes to defend terms and conditions and to look after doctors' jobs. 

They are recognised as doctors' representatives for contract negotiation by all health departments in the UK.

Each committee is elected by the branch of practice it represents. All doctors are represented by the committees - not just BMA members.

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No More Games 196x148Our campaigns take collective action to call for major improvements to our health services throughout the UK. 

The 2015 No More Games campaign, for example, calls on all political parties to stop playing games with the NHS. We are calling for an open and honest public debate about the future of the NHS.

Add your voice to ours if you want the game-playing to stop.

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Improving and protecting health

Public crowdThe BMA campaigns on a range of public health topics, including alcohol packaging, smoking cessation and tackling obesity.

We are also continuously working for international development, changes in organ donation legislation and fighting for human rights.

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Policy and lobbying


The BMA makes sure doctors' voices are heard in Westminster and beyond. We lobby on the issues that matter to doctors and respond to consultations from all four home nations and in Europe.

We have an in-depth policy database that lists the BMA's position on key areas affecting doctors, including pensions and pay, workforce morale and training.

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International affairs

The BMA is not only involved in protecting health and healthcare in the UK, we also have a wide international reach, campaigning and providing resources on health issues with a global impact.

We campaign on issues such as fair medical trade, water poverty, human rights, climate change, access to healthcare information and much more.

Shape of training review

The Shape of Training is an independent review into whether changes are required in postgraduate medical training.

The BMA has responded to the review highlighting our concerns around some of its recommendations.

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The ARM (Annual Representative Meeting) is the BMA's main debating and policy-making meeting. Doctors from all parts of the profession debate motions on various aspects of their working lives and professional practice.

The ARM 2015 will take place on 21-25 June at the BT Convention Centre, Kings Dock, Liverpool.

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