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Improving and protecting health

Soft opt-out organ donation

organ donationThe BMA is calling for:

Bullet pointIncreased public campaigning to promote organ donation

Bullet pointA ‘soft’ opt-out system for organ donation

BMA has long advocated a ‘soft’ opt-out system with safeguards for organ donation and continues to believe this is the best option for the UK to reduce the shortage of organs.

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Clinical trials

pillsMPs have called on the Department of Health to ensure that full clinical trials data are made available for all treatments prescribed in the UK.

The BMA has backed the call, made in a report published in January 2014 by the Commons committee of public accounts.

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Key issues

Organ donation rates

Each year around 1,000 people die while waiting for a transplant. The BMA believes there are a range of options for increasing donor numbers.
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MMR catch-up programme for England

The BMA supports the MMR catch-up programme for England to prevent future measles outbreaks.
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Fair medical trade

Surgical instruments used in the NHS, are made in terrible working conditions in developing countries like Pakistan, by children as young as seven. You can help stop this.
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BMA successes

Use our interactive presentations to see how we helped to tackle:

 Bullet pointroad safety

 Bullet pointsmoking

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